I answer five questions — and there are more pictures of hats

Over at the aptly-named Thoughtful Riot, Will Rutherford has been interviewing local social media creators to find out what makes them tick.

Today he posted his interview with me. If you’re curious about when and how I started blogging and why I keep at it, go read and all will be revealed.

If you’re a fan of hats, you can also see my lovely friend Julie wearing a spunky orange chapeau, and me wearing a hat that I don’t recall at all.

4 thoughts on “I answer five questions — and there are more pictures of hats”

  1. I enjoyed the interview, and for what it’s worth, you inspired and encouraged me that I could blog — and, in general, write — too. I’ve appreciated your advice and inspired George Plimpton “I can…and I WILL do it!” attitude.

    Were you and Julie at a “hat party”, or another special occasion? You both can pull off the look!

  2. The pic of me and Julie is from one of Julie’s fabulous fall bonfires. I was hatless for the occasion, but I had that nice orange scarf. Julie’s hat was charming though.

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