Tin hat

Me in foils, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

This evening I had my hair colored and cut. I thought of taking a photo of myself all done up in foils as I was getting my hair highlighted. Almost immediately I thought better of it.

Instead I made this sketch. My stylist said it looks like me — but then, she always compliments me.

Most accurate bits: shape of foils, sketch of someone else’s purse in the background.

Hardest bits to do: chin and nose.

Photo of results of color and cut: to come tomorrow or the next day, when I have time and better light. But I can tell you in the meantime that I am very pleased indeed.

3 thoughts on “Tin hat”

  1. Your self portrait has touched my heart with its fragile lines and gentle colors, Cindy. Impressive! Please don’t lose the talent you have honed, the way I did. Keep practicing!

  2. This is a wonderful drawing. And I’m not just saying that because I got MY hair cut and colored tonight. T-Rex and Drama Girl were there, too, and said I looked like George Washington with my hair in foils…definitely not as cute as in your rendition!

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