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Time is of the essence

A couple of time-critical items for your attention:

  • Pittsburgh social media phenom Lindsay Patross has created a political action committee, P2PAC, that "supports candidates whose districts touch the City of Pittsburgh and whose agendas are consistent with its mission: good government, sustainable development, and social equity." As part of the kick-off they’ve initiated a P2pac Kick-Off Challenge to raise at least $10 from 10 people in 10 days. There are just a few days left: Check it out and contribute to give a forward-thinking group a good start.
  • From Michael Sorg, fellow PodCamp Pittsburgh planner and local podcast crazyman: "My band, CRAP has gotten into the Punisher movie contest at The X.  It seems that it is based on the number of plays.  I’m reaching out to everyone to help get me plays, and any ideas to help get this out there." Click this WXDX link to play the song "Monkey Flings Poo" and help a local unsigned band crack into the music world. Visit the CRAP band website for more info.
  • Speaking of social media and blogging and podcasting, don’t forget the free "Intro to Social Media Workshop" on September 27 at the Northland Public Library. If you’re reading this site, you probably know what a blog is, but you might mention it to a friend, family member, or random passerby.
  • AlphaLab is now accepting applications for its Winter/Spring 2009 cycle. The application deadline is October 15th, 2008.  From their announcement: "AlphaLab is a catalyst for launching the next generation of software, entertainment technology and Internet-related companies. Created by Innovation Works, one of the nation’s most active seed-stage investors, AlphaLab provides funding, free office space, expert business advisors and services through an intensive 20-week program in Pittsburgh. AlphaLab helps companies rapidly develop their technology, gain user feedback from early product releases, develop go-to-market strategies, and move toward successful commercial launch. For more information and to access the application, visit: www.alphalab.org

AlphaLab launches in Pittsburgh


seedlings, originally uploaded by paul goyette.

A new and interesting product development accelerator has been launched in Pittsburgh:

Innovation Works announces the launch of AlphaLab, a catalyst for the next generation of software, interactive game design and Internet-related companies.  Innovation Works created AlphaLab to help companies rapidly develop their technology, gain user feedback from early alpha or beta releases and move toward successful commercial launch.  An intensive six-month program in Pittsburgh for up to six companies per cycle, AlphaLab will provide funding, free office space, expert business advisors and services.  Innovation Works engaged an extensive regional and national advisory group of industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, academics, students and others to help shape the AlphaLab program.  To learn more about AlphaLab, please visit www.iwAlphaLab.org.

AlphaLab is now accepting applications for the 2008 Summer/Fall program.  The application deadline is March 31, 2008.  To apply or sign up to join the user testing community, go to www.iwAlphaLab.org.

In addition to launching AlphaLab, Innovation Works remains committed to the hands-on assistance, investment and resources we provide to our portfolio companies and other businesses.  This commitment has made Innovation Works one of the nation’s leading seed-stage investors. To learn more about Innovation Work’s programs and services, visit us at www.innovationworks.org.

What I especially like about this is how it fills a void in Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania. There are a number of services for aspiring entrepreneurs in this area, but I believe they are best suited to biological, medical, and manufacturing companies. The software and Web world is a bit of a special case, and while this area has many of the elements a startup would need, early-stage guidance and seed funding aren’t among them. 

I spoke recently with the folks at AlphaLab and I’m impressed with their plans. They seem to have a good grasp of the issues a software or Web startupfaces in its earliest days, and they have concrete plans for helping their companies succeed.

If you’ve been toying with the idea for a killer app or the next big website, this is a great new resource for you.