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Did you try…? Shouldn’t it be a bit more…? Or this. This!

I have a new post on the Pittsburgh Symphony Blogs: “A night in Vienna.”

I’m sorry to say that, until this weekend, my major experience of Mozart had been via the Movie and stage play Amadeus, and the soundtrack to the movie. In reading about Mozart’s shockingly productive yet short life — he died at age 35, having created over 600 works, many of which are considered pinnacles of their genres — I’ve come to understand just how far the movie and play stray from the facts of Mozart’s life.

Still, the movie is so entertaining it’s easy to over look its faults. Plus, it seems faithful in depicting Mozart’s talent, especially for improvisation and for performing. Here’s an edited clip of one of my favorite sequences from the film: Mozart plays the music of his rival, Salieri.