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Holiday Music Countdown: Number 10, a star dancing in the night

It’s Sunday night, and there’s a winter wonderland outside. Cold, cold, cold, and snowy enough to make up for the lack of precipitation we’ve had so far this winter.

Inside it’s warm, and I’m drinking a cup of hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music. Let’s have another song for the countdown, shall we? (Find previous holiday countdown posts here.)

10. Do You Hear What I Hear? (Bing Crosby)

Bing Crosby Christmas Classics album cover

Bing Crosby’s recording of "White Christmas" is his "best-selling recording, and the best-selling single and best selling song of all time." (cite) For many, it’s the quintessential holiday song.

You’ve most likely figured out, though, that it’s not my favorite song by him. Oh, it’s a fine song, and Bing’s crooning fits it perfectly. Plus he does that nice whistling in the middle.

But my favorite Christmas song recorded by Bing is "Do You Hear What I Hear?" I’ve a fondness for songs that tell a story, and in this case Bing’s baritone brings depth to the tale. Who else could sing "with a voice as big as the sea" and actually sound as big as the sea? With each verse, the song builds in intensity, to an ending that sounds fully grand and awesome.

Holiday Music Countdown: Numbers 22 and 21, with troubadours, the King, Bing, and a thin white duke

Continuing my highly-subjective countdown of the 25 best holiday songs. (See previous entry here.)

22. Blue Christmas (Ernest Tubb and His Texas Troubadours, Elvis Presley)

Elvis wasn’t the first person to sing "BlueChristmas." It was recorded by Ernest Tubb in 1948 and became a country standard.


Of course, there’s a reason why people think of the Elvis version. It’s because Elvis was amazing. ("Blue Christmas" starts at around 00:40 in this video.)


21. Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy (Bing Crosby & David Bowie)

This duet is terrific — well-arranged, wonderfully sung. It’s almost enough to make one ignore how ridiculous is the dialogue that these two had to wade through to get to the singing bit.


It has always bugged me that David Bowie supposedly doesn’t know who Big Crosby is ("poor relation from America"?), yet he knows that "White Christmas" is Bing’s signature song.

Still, the song is a pretty thing indeed.