Tweet? Pownce? Plurk? Plurk.

I’ve fallen off the Twitter bandwagon. At first I stopped twittering in righteous indignation at the amount of time that the site goes down, or shuts down services because it’s overloaded. If I’m using something to stay in touch with people, I want it to work reliably. Otherwise, what’s the point? I have an account […]

Rust Belt Bloggers Summit

Crusty Rusty Bolts originally uploaded by mikeyexists Friday evening and Saturday, bloggers from Pittsburgh, Erie, Youngstown, Cleveland, Buffalo, and other cities in this region will be meeting for the first Rust Belt Bloggers Summit. Our primary goal — or at least, my view of our goal — is to meet and learn about each other […]

“The Wonder Bread Years” at City Theatre, with special promo for bloggers

Remember when I explained how to see a play? If you haven’t already used those five easy steps to see Bust (and you still have another week or so, so get going on that), you might try them out on a new show opening next month at City Theatre: The Wonder Bread Years. City Theatre […]

Envelopes full of history

Letters from my grandfather to his parents, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey. I have in front of me a letter in my grandfather’s handwriting, postmarked July 18, 1944. It begins like this: Dear Folks, There is not much time now. Just one week from to-morrow, Tuesday, I report. I entend (sic) to quit work on Wednesday […]

Pittsburgh bloggers wanted

Lindsay Patross of I Heart Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Metroblogging writes: I am looking to recruit some new writers to Pittsburgh Metroblogging – Pittsburgh Metblog is part of the international network of Metroblogs – so there is access to authors of blogs around the world. We are looking to recruit regular bloggers who can post […]

Let me tell you a story

Photo from City Theatre’s production of Flight, March 2008. Pictured center: Joshua Elijah Reese and DeWanda Wise. Photo credit: John Schisler. In Flight, Charlayne Woodard’s play (recently produced, brilliantly, at City Theatre), the characters are all slaves living on a plantation near Savannah, Georgia in 1858. They are forbidden to learn to read or write, […]