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Gaming the system

A system error makes clear what everyone expected but couldn’t demonstrate: Writers and their friends anonymously give their own works high reviews on Amazon.

“Close observers of Amazon.com noticed something peculiar this week: the company’s Canadian site had suddenly revealed the identities of thousands of people who had anonymously posted book reviews on the United States site under signatures like “a reader from New York.”

“The weeklong glitch, which Amazon fixed after outed reviewers complained, provided a rare glimpse at how writers and readers are wielding the online reviews as a tool to promote or pan a book

We who are about to drink salute you

A fine collection of ads this week at AdAge.com’s advertising roundup. The Beyonce/Britney/Pink ad for Pepsi is unfun–no loss that it’s intended for the European market only. (And how uncomfortable must those metal bikinis have been in the sweltering, dusty Roman air? No wonder the girls were scowling the whole time.)

More amusing are the compare/contrast ads for and against music downloading and for and against the Bush administration’s Medicare changes.