The angels are weeping

“Mourning” by swimparallel on Flickr There’s a new blog post by me on the Pittsburgh Symphony blogs, “Lacrimosa dies illa.” It’s about the wondrous performance of Mozart’s Requiem I heard Friday at the PSO. I like to post photos with my blog posts, as you know, and I typically find lovely images at Flickr. For […]

What is interesting?

Flickr has so much content that it overwhelms. Yet, for all the photos presented therein, it can be startlingly hard to find one to blog about. Copyright restrictions are the biggest limiter, but there are still plenty of images available. Just because a photo is tagged “interesting” or “interestingness” doesn’t guarantee that it will interest […]


Natchez, Miss. (LOC), originally uploaded by The Library of Congress. When I talk with people about Flickr, the easy parts to explain are the aspects of organizing and sharing your own photos. Some folks get stuck on the sharing aspect; “why would I want everyone to see my personal photos?” they ask, and then I […]