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The Strongest Coffee in The World

You would think that I’d know how to make coffee. In the past 13 or so years, I’ve made coffee nearly every day, using the same grinder and automatic drip coffeemaker.

Today I managed to make it wrong. I forgot to put the lid on the pot, which meant the boiling hot water steeped in the grounds for maybe 10 minutes, making the coffee quite a bit stronger and a little more bitter than usual.

I’m drinking it anyway.

The trouble isn’t that it’s terrible. The trouble is that it’s great! It’s perfect coffee, at least to my taste.

To repeat it, I either have to replicate the same mistake again every day (which I won’t do, because it’s a little hard to manage and made a mess around the coffeemaker), or switch to using a french press regularly. It might just be worth it.

(Video above from Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, one of my all-time favorites. Thanks to LadyD for reminding me of this scene.)