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Social media and the G20 in Pittsburgh: Roundtable discussion

Pittsburgh, by JOE M500
"Pittsburgh" by JOE M500

Last week I was honored to talk with some of my smart friends in the Pittsburgh social media scene. The topic was the G20 Summit next week in Pittsburgh — what we can expect and how can social media creators be involved.

Mike Sorg, new media producer and fellow PodCamp Pittsburgh organizer,  put it all together. The participants were Tim Hindes, Grants Manager and Creative Director with GSP Consulting; Elizebeth Perry, a sketch blogger and Technology Coordinator at the the Ellis School; Norm Huelsman, Assistant Director of Public Relations with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh; and me.

Visit the PodCamp Pittsburgh site to hear the discussion.

Highlights: What is the G20 Summit; how are preparations affecting life in the region; what role can social media creators — bloggers, twitterers, etc — play in understanding and discussing the G20; is this a good thing or bad thing for Pittsburgh; predictions and suggestions.

Behind-the-scenes note: I was running a fever of about 101 degrees the evening of our discussion, thanks to a late-summer flu I picked up. I’d like to blame the fever for any particularly wandering trains of thought I followed during the talk, but really that’s how I am all the time.

Intro to Social Media Workshop

An event this next weekend, organized by PodCamp Pittsburgh:

Heard of blogging, but not quite sure what it is or how to do it?

Ever wonder what goes in a podcast and how you would listen to it?

Heard about Facebook, MySpace, and other websites but not sure where to even start?

The organizers of Podcamp Pittsburgh will conduct a basic session to give you an overview of what is called "New Media" or "Social Media". You’ll learn about these new forms of communication that are revolutionizing the way that ideas and thoughts are being communicated on the Internet.

After the session, the presenters will be available to answer questions and demonstrate concepts using laptop computers.

Register for the event on the library’s website (www.northlandlibrary.org) or by calling the Adult Reference Desk, 412-366-8100 X113.

Date: Saturday, September 27th
Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.
Where: Northland Public Library – 300 Cumberland Rd., Pittsburgh PA 15237

Presented by organizers of Podcamp Pittsburgh (podcamppittsburgh.com)

I’ve involved in the periphery of this event — enough to know that the material is really useful and comprehensive for beginners, yet approachable and easy to understand. And it’ll be a great introduction to PodCamp Pittsburgh 3, coming in October!