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Beer me … just not so much

Pennsylvania inches its way out of the dark ages. Starting this fall, maybe, we might be allowed to buy fewer than 24 beers at a time at beer distributors:

The state Senate’s Law and Justice Committee approved a bill that would allow beer distributors to sell less than a full case of beer. If it gets final approval — probably not until this fall — distributors could sell one six pack, a 12-pack, a 15-pack or an 18-pack of beer, in addition to 24-can and 30-can cases that are sold now. An 18-pack is a new form of packaging that has become popular in other states, officials said. The bill also would permit bars and taverns to sell three six-packs of beer to a customer for take-out, as well as an 18-pack. Currently, bars and taverns with special beer-selling licenses are permitted to sell only one or two six-packs.

(Thanks to The Burgh Blog for highlighting this important issue.)