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You bet your sweet bippy


Dick Martin passed away today. Martin was a stand-up comedian and television director, but he’s best known as half of the hosting duo of Rowan and Martin, hosts of the incredible, unforgettable Laugh-In.

Laugh-In changed comedy and television, and introduced to us many marvels, from the ineffable Tiny Tim to the delightfully goofy Goldie Hawn. If you’ve never seen the show, check out both of those links for a tiny glimmer of its joys.

Oh, and be sure to watch the clip embedded above — it includes the fabled "Sock it to me?" by Richard Nixon.

Here’s Dick Martin’s New York Times obituary. RIP. Say goodnight, Dick.

RIP Jules Dassin

Jules Dassin on the set

Over the weekend I watched Rififi (which you may remember was top of my queue). It’s a terrific noir and a prime example of the great caper movies.

Jules Dassin, director of Rififi and many other fine films, passed away Monday. Here’s his obituary in the New York Times.

I recommend Rififi highly. Many plot elements are dated, but they make the movie come across as a period noir — no loss. The plot is gripping, but more importantly the characters are multi-layered and engaging. Certain shots are unforgettable (slight plot spoilers ahead): the umbrella coming through the ceiling, the Italian seen through the doorway, the gang gathered around the table….

One amusing part is the English subtitles. The characters are criminals, and apparently in the script (written in French) they use appropriate language. when this is translated into English, it’s sometimes jarring. ("Sit your moneymaker down" to a dancer in a cabaret, e.g.) Then again, translating their slang into proper English would be worse, so it’s churlish to complain.

Rent Rififi and enjoy. I’ll report back on its successors and imitators soon.

RIP, Jules Dassin.

(Link via If Charlie Parker were a gunslinger, which has a nice photo of Mr. Dassin.)