You bet your sweet bippy

8iGvzmOoh3Y Dick Martin passed away today. Martin was a stand-up comedian and television director, but he’s best known as half of the hosting duo of Rowan and Martin, hosts of the incredible, unforgettable Laugh-In. Laugh-In changed comedy and television, and introduced to us many marvels, from the ineffable Tiny Tim to the delightfully goofy Goldie […]

Master storytelling

301W4GhCi0Q It’s Indy 4 Weekend. Whether or not you’re planning to check out the latest installment in the adventures of Indiana Jones, you might be interested to see a bit of suspense its director created early in his career: 1971’s The Duel. In this low-budget, made-for-TV movie, which Steven Spielberg made when he was 23 […]

I always end up biting

K2xMGI-QpZw You know the classic Tootsie-Pop commercial (“A-one, a-two-hoo!, a-three, CRUNCH”). I learned today that this is known as the “Mr. Owl” version, and it’s the short version of a 60-second commercial. The video above is the full commercial. Some notes: That little boy looked all over the forest for someone to answer his question. […]

“Won’t You Wear a Sweater?” Day

YouTube – Mister Rogers: "Won’t You Wear a Sweater?" Day Thursday, March 20 will be "Won’t You Wear a Sweater?" Day. In honor of what would have been Mister Rogers’ 80th birthday on March 20, Mr. McFeely — aka David Newell, the public relations director for Family Communications, Inc. (the nonprofit company founded in 1971 […]

I got chills; they’re multiplying

Jedi, originally uploaded by PhillipWest. Monday night I started to feel a little ill: chills, tiredness, headache. Tuesday I was focused on making it to and through meetings and a presentation at Refresh Pittsburgh, all of which were quite engaging and interesting. But by Tuesday evening I could tell that all was not well — […]