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My brother nearly died choking on his Earl Grey tea when he saw this video

To help promote the Bob Dylan biopic coming out, there’s a website gadget that lets you replace the written lyrics on the cue cards in the Pennebaker video for “Subterranean Homesick Blues” with words of your own choosing.

At least one person used this to make a smart statement on commercialism in our society.

Daniel Radosh, humorist, freelance writer, and general wiseacre, came up with a version that I think everyone needs to see.

Also see his blog post with comments and other subversive options.

Use your words

Here’s a time waster that’s educational: How many of these 100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know do you *not* know?

I can give a pretty good definition for maybe a dozen of them, and could probably get within swinging distance of the rest. Except for these two: “gamete” and “moiety.”

Of course, now I’ve looked them up. I believe that I could have defined “gamete” when I was in high school and taking a course in which such a thing was discussed (hint!), so I’ll agree that high school graduates should know it. I’m not convinced that every high school graduate needs to know the word “moiety.”

Definitely everyone should know “hubris.” Does everyone need to know “ziggurat”? I think it’s there just to represent the letter ‘z.’ I’d rather they chose “zazen” instead

Which words on the list do/don’t you know?

(Link via Coudal Partners.)

Oh, such grace! Such beauty!

Sport imitates viral marketing: Olympic-caliber skaters adapt the OK Go “A Million Ways” video.

My favorite bits: the male skater flapping his arms like a chicken while skating backwards and kicking, and the slo-mo karate chop.

Also, the announcers seem unaware that the odder moves are copied from a music video. And they seem bewildered by those self-same odd moves. Delicious!

In case you’ve forgotten the splendor of the original…

Here it goes again

I have raved in the past about OK Go, and I’ve linked to their videos and shown you photos of me being a blatant fangirl around them.

I don’t see any reason for that to change now.

Please enjoy their new video, which involves them and eight treadmills.

If you liked it — and I hope you did — then please go vote for them on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown.

Also, does anyone know where we can get 8 treadmills? It looks like fun.


Thanks to everyone who came to today’s Pittsburgh BlogIN. I had a swell time, and now I’ve got a page of cool things to follow up on — gadgets to get, tricks to try, and plans to make for the next event.

For more reactions, photos, and other evidence, check out the prompt posts from Mark Stroup and Sri Bala. I think Mark and Venky Krishnamoorthy were the only people to create actual posts at the event, so special kudos to them.

The list of tasks I’d hoped to accomplish at the event was long and obviously impossible to complete. But I did manage to start updating the look of this site. I had liked the design I threw together for my MySpace page, so I’m expanding on it here. The typography and text layout need work — more flair and more cohesion, maybe some sort of theme to pull it together — but at last I’ve been able to use this image of a rusting, peeling surface that I found years back. (FYI: The pic is a stock photo from Microsoft’s clip art library, one of several photos I considered for the Junction Dance Theatre website.)

ALSO: Very special thanks (in the case of Anne, make that Very Special Thanks) to those who spread the word about the BlogIN even though they couldn’t attend. i hope you’ll be able to make it to a future event.

UPDATE: More feedback from the event… in the comments to this post Liz points out that she accomplished some blogs to-dos at the BlogIN and after, and we discuss ideas for future such events. Plus over at Inner Bitch, Christina describes the thrill of meeting a celebrity sketchbook.

Space is the breath of art

I set up a profile on MySpace. I don’t plan to use it much: I already get email announcements from bands and musicians I like, and I’m not looking to meet anyone. But I find the online social networking phenomenon fascinating, and I might want to steal some of the better ideas for a project of my own.

I posted on the Big Big Design blog about it: “MySpace, the final frontier.” I covered reasons for thinking about MySpace, how I customized the look of my profile page, and how serious businesses can make use of the site to connect with customers. So I won’t repeat all that here.

Instead, a tiny plea: If you are on MySpace (or if you choose to sign up after reading about it), could you add me as a friend? Right now I have just 9 friends, and I look so lame.

(FYI: Title quotation comes from Frank Lloyd Wright)