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“Are you guys the only white rappers?”

I’ve been digging Blank on Blank, an animated videos series from PBS where they take interviews of artists and interesting people from a range of sources — you can send one in — and animate them in a rough and charming style.

Here’s an early interview with the Beastie Boys from 1985, when they were on tour opening for Madonna (a double-bill that I would have boggled at at the time but now would give all my teeth to have seen).

Other interviews I’ve found so far include David Foster Wallace and James Brown. I’m watching Jim Morrison next. Do check it out

What I know about the Acropolis

One of the great things about feeling better is that I can catch up on things on which I’ve fallen behind.

One of the bad things about feeling better is that I feel guilty about not yet having caught up on everything. So I’m feeling a bit pressed tonight and haven’t a bundle of thoughts to share with you, Gentle Reader. I promise I shall have to more to say on the morrow.

To give you something to enjoy in the meantime, here is the funniest moment ever from my favorite British quiz/panel show, QI. If you haven’t watched before, I should perhaps give you an intro, but I bet you’ll figure out how it works. This clip is funny from start to finish, but the awesomest bit begins at 1:40.

Girl gone wild

Apparently I’m going to be parcelling out my little thoughts about the Madonna show over a few days, thanks to schedule and tiredness and *whine whine whine*.

I enjoyed the show a lot, as a whole. I enjoyed the pagentry and skill and music and live-ness and being in the space and experiencing things with others who marveled at it with me. And more than that, which I’ll try to articulate better as I go. The tickets were pricey, but the money was well-spent.

With that said, I was not psyched about the opening number, though it made me laugh. Continue reading Girl gone wild