It happens every day, no matter what you say

It’s the end of the weekend. The Steelers found a way to lose, and I’m in my office putting in a little weekend work to ramp up for a long week ahead. I’m in need of a pick-me-up. iTunes is apparently magical, because it sensed my need and cued up the perfect tune: Tom Jones, […]

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is about to begin its 2008-2009 season. I have the good fortune of blogging their concerts this season, over at the PSO Blogs. You can find my first post there today in fact: "Stop and listen." (The title of this post is a quote by Robert Fripp.)

Master storytelling

301W4GhCi0Q It’s Indy 4 Weekend. Whether or not you’re planning to check out the latest installment in the adventures of Indiana Jones, you might be interested to see a bit of suspense its director created early in his career: 1971’s The Duel. In this low-budget, made-for-TV movie, which Steven Spielberg made when he was 23 […]