I always end up biting

K2xMGI-QpZw You know the classic Tootsie-Pop commercial (“A-one, a-two-hoo!, a-three, CRUNCH”). I learned today that this is known as the “Mr. Owl” version, and it’s the short version of a 60-second commercial. The video above is the full commercial. Some notes: That little boy looked all over the forest for someone to answer his question. […]

As she deceived me I watched and went out of my mind

Today I was in the mood for a little Tom Jones: specifically, for his 1968 hit "Delilah." cn3SP44pMKY So great. But then Peterb suggested I check out The Sensational Alex Harvey Band‘s cover. And sure enough, it’s fab! ALetUlERBYI Tom’s version is still my favorite, I think, but I’m excited to add The Sensational Alex […]