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I always end up biting


You know the classic Tootsie-Pop commercial (“A-one, a-two-hoo!, a-three, CRUNCH”). I learned today that this is known as the “Mr. Owl” version, and it’s the short version of a 60-second commercial.

The video above is the full commercial.

Some notes:

  • That little boy looked all over the forest for someone to answer his
    question. Also, apparently the forest he looked in was “The Freaky-voiced Animal Forest,” because those are some almost-creepy-sounding
    critters he talked to.

  • We’ve played this video a bunch of times today in the Big Big Design office, and Anthony cracks up every time Mr. Cow says “Yeeees?”
  • Mr. Cow? Not Mrs. Cow or Ms. Cow?
  • The long version doesn’t include the shot of the unhappy boy’s face looking at the stick of the eaten Tootsie-Pop. I miss that.

The blurb on YouTube says this commercial was originally aired in 1969 and that it may be the longest-running TV commercial. It’s certainly among the most memorable.

Related: If you have a darker sense of humor, you may enjoy this parody of the Tootsie-Pop commercial as well. I abhor violence, but I’m kind of with the kid on this.

Working on the railroad


Today at my parents’ house, all of us watching the TV. A segment came on about someone and his miniature railroad, which features some unusual elements. One was a house on fire, tiny firefighters trying everlastingly to put it out.

“I love that,” I said. “If I had a miniature railroad, I’d have a burning house, and a car accident, all stuff like that.”

“I want to have a miniature railroad where everything is from a Tom Waits song,” my brother said. “You know, there’d be a Heartattack Street that intersects with Vine Street.”

“And a doughnut shop at 9th and Hennepin, with doughnuts all named after prostitutes,” I said.

“The corner where Small Change got shot,” he said. “With his own 38.”

His imaginary miniature railroad was so awesome, much better than mine. A red barn where there had been a murder, and a woman drinking alone in her room. A house where someone was building something, where the tire swing had been taken down. And on the highway going out of town, a series of Burma Shave signs. It was perfect.

As she deceived me I watched and went out of my mind

Today I was in the mood for a little Tom Jones: specifically, for his 1968 hit "Delilah."


So great. But then Peterb suggested I check out The Sensational Alex Harvey Band‘s cover. And sure enough, it’s fab!


Tom’s version is still my favorite, I think, but I’m excited to add The Sensational Alex Harvey Band to my playlist. One can never have too much 70s glam rock.