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A simple and sad reason why women make less money than men

Often, a woman will enter the salary negotiation phase and I’ll tell them a number will be sent to them in a couple days. Usually we start around $45k for an entry level position. 50% to 60% of the women I interview simply take this offer. It’s insane, I already know I can get authorization for more if you simply refuse. Inversely, almost 90% of the men I interview immediately ask for more upon getting the offer.


The next major mistake happens with how they ask for more. In general, the women I have negotiated with will say 45k is not enough and they need more, but not give a number. I will then usually give a nominal bump to 48k or 50k. Company policy wont let me bump more than 5k over the initial offer unless they specifically request more. On the other hand, men more frequently will come back with a number along the lines of 65k to 75k, and I will be forced to negotiate down from there. After this phase, almost all women will take the offer or move on to somewhere else, not knowing they could have gotten more if they asked.


At the end, most of the women I hire make between 45k and 50k, whereas the men make between 60k and 70k. Even more crazy, they ask for raises far less often, so the disparity only grows.

From “I work for a large multinational tech company, I regularly hire woman for 65% to 75% of what males make. I am sick of it, here is why it happens, and how you can avoid it.” on Reddit

PghTech Women Network Launch

I’m bundled up at home, fighting off some kind of illness that makes it hard to stand long and to think.

This is a darn shame because it means I’m going to miss this terrific event, organized by the Pittsburgh Technology Council and sponsored by Google:

PghTech Women Network Launch

We’re inviting women who work in Pittsburgh’s technology community to join us for drinks, discussion and the opportunity to provide direction for the Council’s newest network – PghTech Women.

Meet with other women from all areas of Pittsburgh’s technology community for casual networking as well as a chance to offer ideas and suggestions for the PghTech Women Network.

The PghTech Women Network is sponsored by Google.

Date: Wednesday, October 29
Time: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Parking: Free Parking after 5 p.m. in Forbes Avenue Garage
Venue: Red Ring Restaurant, 1015 Forbes Avenue, 15282
Cost: $15
Register: Online | E-Mail | 412.918.4229

PghTech Women provides female technology professionals a forum for networking, best practice exchange, online interaction and community visibility.

For more information and other ways to get involved, contact us at 412.687.2700.

If you attend — and I hope you will — please let me know what you thought of the event.