Eight is my favorite number

Please go enjoy Crazy Arms That Long to Strangle by Rennie Sparks:

The octopus may also wave its arms in rhythmic patterns that attract and immobilize fish. Fishermen off the coast of Washington report seeing hundreds of small fish frozen in the water as if hypnotized by a passing giant Pacific octopus. One fisherman said, “I felt it myself. They had to tie me to the mast to keep me from throwing myself overboard.”


At the Montery Bay Aquarium a few years ago, I saw video, taken by a security camera at night. The video showed a small octopus climbing out its tank, going into another tank to get food, then returning to its tank so the keepers wouldn’t know it had left. Until the camera was set up the keepers couldn’t figure out how random fish were disappearing. Now, they’ve installed Astroturf on the sides of the tank, because the octopus can’t get a grip on it to climb out.

The Cidri Octopus seems like an interesting role-playing game character.