The soothing chirp of a room full of pagers

Tomorrow night will not be a good night to have a computer or network problem in the Pittsburgh area, as it’s the first Thursday of an even-numbered month, which means it’s Geek Night. The Church Brew Works will be overrun by application developers, network administrators, tech support staffers, and the recruiters who love them.

I love Geek Night and haven’t been able to attend in months, not since it was held at the now-defunct Valhalla. I love the Church Brew Works too, and I note among their seasonal beer offerings the yummy-sounding Burly Friar Barleywine. Mmmm. So I’ve been planning all week to go.

Sadly for me, Todd the Tile Guy needs to stop by my house tomorrow around 6:30 to take final measurements before ordering stuff for my bathroom renovation … so I’ll have to hustle to get down to Pgh while there’s still a crowd. So, if you find yourself there, do hang out for a while and stake out a barstool for me.