Small improvements

For those concerned and gentle souls who asked how the bathroom renovation is going: I reached the “throw money at the problem to make it go away” stage, a little early I believe, and as a result progress has continued. No word from Todd the Tile Guy on the next stage, though. (Click the link below for details and photos.)

Initially I’d planned to keep the old sink, which matched the toilet and tub. However, we discovered that the vanity was a nonstandard size, and therefore required a custom or modified countertop, into which the sink could perhaps be inserted. As I never liked the vanity — had talked of tearing it out from the very first tour of the house — it seemed foolish to go out of my way to keep it in my life.

So, I trekked to Lowe’s to choose a new vanity and countertop. After extensive hemming and hawing, I chose a counter with a built-in sink, which should be much easier to clean than the old one was and which still sort of matched the toilet and tub. It also was more expensive than I’d expected, and coupled with the vanity started the wallet bleeding.

Add in the new faucet and shower sets and the delivery charges, and the time for Mike the Handyman to rip out the old stuff and install the new, and for the plumber to take out the aging plumbing and install everything, and you can understand why I had to spend Saturday moving money from one bank account to another.

But the result is much nicer than what I had before:



I was even able to use the tub over the weekend.


Not the most comfortable of modern bathing arrangements, but it beats driving to my parents’ just to get ready in thr mornings.

Meanwhile, the toilet patiently waits in the spare room to be restored to its rightful position.


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