And now a word from our sponsor

As you will have noticed, I have added advertisements to My Brilliant Mistakes. It’s an experiment: I’m curious whether any revenue will result. But I find I’m now more interested to see what ads Google selects to display. As they describe the service:

Google uses search-based technologies to match advertisements to the content and context of web pages – so the ads you see are related to the information you are viewing. The ads come from Google’s base of more than 100,000 AdWords advertisers. These advertisers range from global brand name companies to small local businesses.

By the time you read this the ads will probably change, but at the moment most of them are promoting tools for and altenatives to dissection. Of all the content and context of this site — dozens of posts on marketing, advertising, writing and publishing, alcohol, iPods — Google has chosen today to focus on a single post about cutting up a virtual frog.

One ad is for gifts cards for Red Lobster restaurant. I can’t even guess what triggered that.

I’m hoping to get ads for fur sinks next.