Drink of the week: Tachyon

I have recently discoverd the “In My Bar” feature of Webtender.com, which lists all the drinks one can make with the ingredients one has on hand.* This handy tool brings us this week’s drink:


1 oz Pernod
1 oz Tequila
Dash Lemon juice

Mixing instructions:
Stir over ice. Either strain in a cocktail glass or on the rocks in a highball glass. Serve with curl of lemon peel.

* The site tells me I can make 113 drinks without leaving the house, plus another 868 if I can get someone to pick up just one extra ingredient for me. The numbers aren’t trustworthy: some drinks are just renamed copies of others, and sometimes the one missing ingredient is troublesome, like wormwood. But all the same, I’m delighted to know that my current bar can provide such a range of possibility.

And to answer the obvious question, here’s the drink I can make that uses the most ingredients:

Vampire’s Kiss

2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz dry Gin
1/2 oz Dry Vermouth
1 tblsp Tequila
1 pinch Salt
2 oz Tomato juice

Mixing instructions:
Shake with ice. Strain over ice in an old fashioned glass.