We are on the track of something absolutely mediocre.

And you thought your household budget was a challenge to manage: the Guardian presents a breakdown of the expenses accrued in making a blockbuster Hollywood film such as Spider-Man 2.

In brief:
Script & development: $10m
Licensing: $20m
Producers: $15m
Director: $10m
Cast: $30m
Below the line (physical production expenses): $45m
Special effects: $65m
Music (in Spider-Man 2’s case, Danny Elfman): $5m
Prints & advertising: $75m

The article contains some juicy tidbits of backstage Spider-Man 2 gossip and other Hollywood insider stuff. Bonus Billy Wilder quip: “‘What is an associate producer?’ Billy Wilder was once asked. ‘Anybody,’ he replied, ‘who will associate with the producer.'”