I found some of your life

If you found the memory card from a digital camera and didn’t know who it belonged to, what would you do? Would you post the photos for all the world to see, and make up stories about the people in the pictures? If so, you’ve much in common with the creator of this blog: (NB: Link is broken. See update below.)

I Found Some Of Your Life

You are unknown to me.
Your camera’s memory card was in a taxi; I have it now.
I am going to post one of your pictures each day.
I will also narrate as if I were you.
Maybe you will come here and reclaim this piece of your life.

(Link via The Morning News.)

UPDATE: The blog seems no longer to exist. (Last check 9/21, 2:37p EST) There had been a reference in the final entry that the site had received a tidal wave of traffic after being mentioned on Slashdot; I don’t know whether the mention in The Morning News came before or after that, but I’d assume that Slashdot is responsible for most of the traffic.

I do know that My Brilliant Mistakes has received its own deluge of visits since I posted about the IFSOYL site. Perhaps the traffic to IFSOYL was more than Blogspot wanted to handle for free. Alternatively, it’s possible that the sudden burst of awareness caused the photos’ owner to finally discover that his pictures were being broadcast over the internet, and that legal action ensued, causing the site to be removed.

I’m mostly sorry I didn’t take the time to explore IFSOYL more — I thought there would be more time later. Another example of why we must never leave the things we care about until tomorrow.

UPDATE UPDATE: Here’s the cached copy of the Introduction page from Google. The cache also has some archived entries if you’re willing to search on the blog name and jordan” and the names of the other fake characters, but the pictures have been removed or just don’t link properly. But you can get at least a sense of what the site was like. (Enjoy while it lasts.)