A mutual sight for sore eyes

The only way this song could be any more perfect in my view would be for it to be peformed live in my living room.

Having been exposed to it (via TMFTML) I googled up Devin Davis’s website and ordered the CD. In the week since it arrived, I have listened to the whole thing no fewer than four times per day, and to certain tracks several times in a row daily. The album is perfectly full and lush, yet raw and naive, sublimely surreal, both pop-historically aware and modern.

Most amazingly, Devin Davis played all the instruments on the recording (with a few small exceptions), and recorded the whole thing himself. Then, while working as an engineer at a recording studio, he arranged, engineered, and produced the CD during unbooked studio time. As far as I can tell from the result, he is a god, and I wish to bear his children.

More MP3s can be found here, in case you need more convincing. Please listen, then buy, so he gets enough of a following and working capital to make another perfect album.