NaNoWriMo: Weekend update

Oy vey, my novel is kicking my butt. I am several thousand words behind, dropped further back today. I can blame many things, primarily work and Steelers football, but of course a certain distractedness in myself is mostly to blame.

I will recommit to it tomorrow. I have several ideas of where the plot can go, and I am enjoying watching it roll out. If I can muster a higher level of focus, I’m confident it will take shape.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: I sat down to write just a few more words before bed, got going, and pounded out several pages. Getting the butt in the chair once again proves to be key. Also, I have VH1’s Alternative program on the telly and it seems to be keeping part of my brain busy, freeing other parts to make crap up. The resulting writing isn’t memorable, for certain, but the story has moved slightly and the charcters have revealed themselves further. It’s the kind of thing I needed to see, ending the weekend with strength.