No Corners for You

I assume the music of They Might Be Giants appeals to only a select few. If you are among those few, or if you are not sure whether you’re among them but you are the sort of curious person who clicks on links, please check out The Venue Songs. It’s a collection of videos, being rolled out over time, to depict songs written for particular venues on a recent TMBG national tour.

Good golly, it’s great. Having watched only the first two entries plus the intro (narrated by my longtime internet/radio crush John Hodgman, whom I have never met and swear I am not stalking), I’m completely overwhelmed. My novel-in-progress will be taking a dramatic departure from “reality” as a result of discovering this gem.

(At some point the web will shift and the link above will point to the main TMBG website. I assume The Venue Songs will continue to reside there somewhere — search for the joy.)

Or, if you’re the impatient type, you can order the double DVD and have it all forever.