Put one foot in front of the other

I missed a day of NaNoWriMo writing Monday, falling even further behind. So tonight I was determined at least not to lose more ground. Things looked grim at about 11:15pm when i still hadn’t come up with a single new word.

But I stumbled along, trying first just to get the 1667 word quota for today, and then as I had a little momentum to get a full 2000.

And I managed it. Word count as of now: 9320. I was tempted to keep going for a full 10K but with a hard day of work and a fun night of BlogFest fast on my heels, I’ve decided to get some well-deserved sleep.

I am glad to have gotten the extra writing done tonight though, for sure. Some interesting plot developments emerged. Now we have a cell phone mixup, mysterious phone numbers, suspicious police detectives, and a heroine without a car. I think pretty soon we will benefit from the first appearance of a gun.

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  1. That’s so encouraging!

    The story sounds great in my mind when I’m noodling about it — like it could be the next Great American Novel, creating new genres and inspiring countless movies and spinoffs. Then when I put words on paper it seems like complete crap.

    I know that the real work is in the rewrite, that if I can persevere I’ll improve it, perhaps not to the full beauty of my vision but at least to a readable state. But it’s incredibly helpful to know that others find at least the ideas intriguing. Thanks!

  2. Hey Cindy,

    You’re doing great…like I said, I really liked the excerpt you included on the nanowrimo site…I’ll check to see if you updated…Keep at it.

  3. Christina: Ooh, Chekhov’s gun in chocolate! And last night you suggested licorice also. Very interesting. Really combines Philip Marlowe with Bridget Jones. I wouldn’t have thought of it, yet it’s perfect. Will put that in today.

    Kathie: I haven’t had a good excerpt update — I’m allowing myself to write truly crappy stuff, so I’m not sure anything will be good enough this month to post again. But I’ll let you know if I do update it. And are you going to post any juicy bits from yours?

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