Drink of the Week: Chambord Truffle

Last weekend I succumbed to the wiles of Bath & Body Works. Yes, many of their bath products smell great in the store and horrific at home, but the few that are genuinely good are worth the experimenting.

I bought some Tutti Dolci (“all sweet”?) body lotion — all the Tutti Dolce products smell like dessert of some sort. The stuff I got, Fantasia di Cioccolata Moisturizing Souffle, has the texture and scent of highly-whipped chocolate raspberry pudding — it’s so heavenly it’s difficult not to eat it.

In fact, I had put some on Monday morning, before a client meeting, and one fellow told me he wanted to lick my hands. That’s not a reaction I’m typically looking for from a client — I don’t have that kind of client. But if it causes them to think favorably of my and bring me back, then I guess it’s all good.

Anyway. So I’ve been wearing this stuff all week and subsequently craving chocolate-berry … something. And thus, we come to our drink of the week:

Chambord Truffle

1/2 shot vanilla vodka (or a drop of vanilla and regular vodka)
1/2 shot creme de cacao
1/2 shot Chambord

Shake with ice, strain into shot glass or mini-martini glass.

As you might guess, the recipe comes from the tiny promotional booklet that accompanied my bottle of Chambord. Almost any drink made with Chambord tastes delicious, but there are some very funky things in here. Pear and Cardamom Sidecar? Hmm. I’ll test out a few and bring the best to you, oh faithful Drink of the Week fans, in the coming weeks.

2 replies on “Drink of the Week: Chambord Truffle”

  1. I know I’m a bit behind on comments, but I had to tell you that a few months ago I was raving about Bath & Body Works’ Warm Brown Sugar lotion (or the name is something like that). A woman I was talking to said she had to swear it off because a guy in her office kept commenting that she smelled like an apple pie.

    Again, between the chicken Viking hat and some food-smelling lotion, the possibilities would be endless…Never mind.

  2. I had a second person (male) tell me how good the chocolate lotion smelled. I’m convinced that it’s very potent man-catching stuff.

    I can’t attest to the type of men it catches though. Will let you know….

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