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  1. Hmmm, nice boots. What size do you wear?? I too am tres excited about Nordstrom’s arrival(notice my one year of high school French in there).

    BTW, after reviewing your “cloud” and library collection, I feel more than a little inadequate at my own mish-mosh of books (does Oprah’s free booklet count?) and the fact that most of my books are still unread!

    (“Ou est le biblioteque?” — another example that I’m almost bilingual.)

  2. Tres bien!

    That’s half the French I know; the other half is “Vous avez la creme brulee?” It’s probably grammatically incorrect but it does the trick.

    I wear size 10 shoe (size 41 European), or sometime a 9.5 for sandals/sligbacks. My dad used to ask if they sold oars to go with my boats — always good for the ego, my dad.

    Regarding the books, don’t assume that I’ve read all of what I have. I will make a pass through sometime after I get them all in to enhance and flesh out the tags, and one set of tags I plan to use is “read/unread/part-read.” The “part-read” category is the one that strikes me as most embarassing.

  3. I’m happy about the prospect of having a Nordstrom’s (and their purse department) 5 minutes from my house, but I’d trade it for a McKnight Road Whole Foods.

    Or a Trader Joe’s. I’m not picky.

  4. Ooh, Trader Joe’s! Yes, that would be awesome.

    I’ve heard there will be a Whole Foods going to the Cranberry or Zelienople area, but that might be a mere wishful rumor.

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