The long-awaited Pittsburgh BlogIN

Calling all bloggers and wannabe bloggers: As a complement/counterpoint to our much-beloved Pittsburgh BlogFests, we’re starting a new type of event — one where instead of standing around talking about blogging, we get right down and do it.

WHAT: The First Ever Pittsburgh BlogIN
WHEN: Sunday, July 2, 1pm – 5pm
WHERE: The Carnegie Library, Squirrel Hill Branch — Meeting Rooms A&B
WHO: Bloggers and anyone interested in starting a blog
AND: Pittsburgh Bloggers

WHAT THIS IS: An ultra-informal blogger get-together, wherein each person can write new blog posts, redesign blog format, set up extensions/blog-ins/fancy features, and generally revel in blogging with like-minded individuals.

For experienced bloggers, it’s a chance to finally get around to all the maintenance you’ve put off for another day — stuff like setting up comment-spam blockers, tag clouds, Flickr add-ins, and more. And it’s an opportunity to talk nitty-gritty details with other bloggers — is MoveableType better than WordPress or vice versa, how to get more traffic, how to put ads on your blog — plus you can get fellow bloggers to help you with tricky, techie stuff.

For anyone thinking about starting a blog, it’s an opportunity to get step-by-step guidance in creating a new free blog, setting up a profile and blogroll, and writing your first posts.

YOU MUST BRING: a wireless enabled laptop with sufficient batteries and/or power cables, plus any snacks or beverages you’ll need to fortify yourself for hours of serious blogging, blog setup, and blog maintenance.

BONUS FOR WANNABE BLOGGERS: At 1:30 I will lead a hands-on session in one corner of the room on how to set up a free blog on We’ll walk through all the steps, from starting an account through to writing your first post and linking to other blogs and websites.

If you plan to attend, send an email to blogin @ — but if you forget to RSVP, you can still join us any time on July 2!

We plan to hold similar events every three months or so. If you can’t come on July 2, send your contact info to let us know that you’re interested in future events.

2 replies on “The long-awaited Pittsburgh BlogIN”

  1. Cindy,

    This is a fantastic idea. I wish I was going to be in town that day. Any time you want to organize more of this sort of thing, I am in. I found your site your myspace via your comment on Devin Davis’ myspace. I was also at the show at Garfield Artworks. The show was fantastic, but I was heartbroken that nobody showed up. Oh well. I like your site(s).

  2. Thanks Matt — I was disappointed by the turnout at Devin Davis too, although selfishly also a tiny bit pleased because it was like we few loyal fans enjoyed a private show. But ultimately I’d rather there were a solid crowd to share the joy with, not least because Devin deserves a lot more attention.

    We’ll send out notice farther in advance of the next BlogIN. We knew it was risky planning for the 4th of July weekend, but it was the best date we could manage this time. I hope you can make it to future events.

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