BlogFest 8: The Ocho Wrapup

Links to BlogFest 8 attendeesBlogFest 8 was a small and very fun gathering. We must remember to take pictures at these things — but even that wouldn’t quite capture the sense of the evening.

More representative would be a short video of someone looking at their watch and saying, in some consternation, "It’s 9 o’clock already?"

Lots of bloggers told us they found out about the event too late and so couldn’t make it. So, Pittsburgh Bloggers is starting an opt-in email list for announcements of event such as this. I’ll post info when that comes to pass, and you can also check for updates.

3 replies on “BlogFest 8: The Ocho Wrapup”

  1. ‘Ocho’ — reminds me of the movie Dodgeball, which had an interesting spoof on our 500-channel TV universe (ESPN8, “The Ocho”).

    Good luck at your presentation at PodCamp this weekend!

  2. I am apparently the only person who has not seen all of Dodgeball.

    “The Ocho” is indeed a reference to the sports channel in that movie — Mike Woycheck had the inspiration to dub this BlogFest The Ocho.

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