Drawing after midnight

Potato masher
Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

Boy, it’s hard fitting everything into a day. Websites to design, computers to fix, emails to answer, bills to pay, cocktails to drink … it just keeps coming. And in the end, it’s you, Faithful Blog Reader, who gets the short straw.

Did I tell you how November ended, with NaNoWriMo and DrawMo and conferences to attend and plays to see and turkey to eat and all? A little, but not the final summary.

Well, the conferences and plays and turkey won out over NaNoWriMo. I wrote just 7,000 or so words of my novel, nowhere near the goal. That was sad.

Drawing went better. I made 30 drawings in 30 days. I had to cram two a day at the end, but that was within the rules. I didn’t do a great job of blogging at DrawMo!, but you can see most of my sketches and everyone else’s in the DrawMo Flickr pool.

The plays were great — Man Is Man, and A Picasso. Maybe a couple more. Seems so long ago, eh? So last year.

But I bring it up because DrawMo didn’t really end. Some of us are continuing in a slightly different format: Instead of making a drawing a day (on average), one makes at least one drawing a month. To give a little structure, there’s a theme for each month. The first theme is "housewares, kitchen things, or appliances." Here you see my contribution. I explained a bit about it over at the DrawMo blog, but in short the key thing is the shadow. It’s straight where the potato masher is not straight. This is the kind of thing one might not ordinarily see, but which drawing causes one to see. It is why I like drawing.

If you’re interested, you can join in on DrawMo any time. There are just a few days left for the kitchen implement assignment — it ends January 14. You can do it! (My drawing took 10 minutes tops … you probably guessed that from looking at it.) To join, visit the DrawMo blog and send a note to India. She’ll hook you up.