Prices so low, they’re practically giving them away!

There’s a big sale at McSweeney’s, including some items I highly recommend:

Baby, Be of Use Bundle: Four small picture-style books, Baby Mix Me A Drink, Baby Make Me Breakfast, Baby Do My Banking, and Baby Fix My Car. I have given these as gifts at baby showers, and they are always a big hit. So much more interesting than yet another fuzzy blanket or packet of onesies, now on sale for $16.80.

How to Dress for Every Occasion by the Pope: A guide to snappy dressing. Probably not by the Pope, but it’s hard to know for sure. This also makes a great gift, and it’s on sale for $6.

The Future Dictionary of America: I have read excerpts of this in various places. It includes definitions by various famous and not-famous writers; most likely your favorite writer is among the contributors. Also included is a CD of music by “R.E.M., Tom Waits, David Byrne, Death Cab for Cutie, Elliott Smith, and many others.” A steal at $9.

Happy shopping!

2 replies on “Prices so low, they’re practically giving them away!”

  1. I ordered the Future Dictionary, Embryoyo, and a Believer sub the other day. I don’t like poetry, but I like Dean Young; and I’m trying to not to be so goddamn anti-intellectual of late.

    Speaking of books, I’m sorry to have to say that I hated Great Expectations. Hated it with a hot, hot heat. All except for Wemmick, whom I adored. The whole book should have been about Wemmick; then I might have liked it. Screw Pip.

  2. India, I’m very sorry to hear that I steered you wrong with Great Expectations. I’d hoped you would have a better experience.

    Now I wonder if I should reread it — maybe I won’t like it anymore either. Or maybe I should take care *not* too reread it, for fear of destroying my happy memories of it.

    I ordered the Future Dictionary too. And another lucky mother-to-be will be receiving the “Baby Be Useful” set.

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