Month Impossible: Day Six

A strange kind of irony has taken hold of my life. I’ve been busy these past months, to the point that I thought my workload was as heavy as it could get. And then as soon as I started this blogging/drawing/writing every day thing, I’ve become truly, completely, insanely busy.

I’m even questioning whether I should have taken the night off last night to go to the Steeler game. That I could even contemplate such a thought shows the state of things.

Anyway, so this post is my feeble attempt to keep up with at least NaBloPoMo.

Instead of looking here for a summary or the Steeler game, please look at Sportsocracy’s and The Burgh Blog’s writeups.

Many people are having more success with DrawMo than I am, so please explore their creations.

NaNoWriMo? Oof. This is starting to look like 2005, when I wrote nearly half my novel draft in the final week. I won’t lose hope yet, but if things don’t start heading upward soon I wonder how I’ll survive this.

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  1. I took Friday off of work to write all day as a way to try and keep up… Justin and I are going to get together then for either productivity and/or distraction — you’re more than welcome to join if you’re available and motivated!

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