Month Impossible: Day Twenty-two, Pie!


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And how did the pies turn out? Fantastic.

Actually, come to think of it, I didn’t have any of the pumpkin pie, but because the filling didn’t all fit in the pie shell I had to cook the overflow in a custard cup. That’s going to be a fabulous breakfast for me tomorrow.

I can say with assurance that the bourbon pecan was delicious, and criminally rich.

The rest of our feast was also wonderful, with perhaps the best turkey Mom has made and lovely side dishes from everyone.

I’ve mentioned previously that my sister Laura is going to Guatemala for the Christmas holidays, and she’s decided to blog about her trip. (Thanks to those who posted encouragement to her in the comments.) I’m moving her blog from its old location to a new one and adding features that I hope will make it easier for her to create photo galleries and blog about her pictures.

So this evening I worked on her site — instead of writing. Hmm.

It’s true that I love this kind of project, pulling pieces together and getting a website set up just the way I want to, and it would be good for me to have this done simply and quickly, so I can show her how to use it before she flies back to San Francisco Saturday night.

But it’s also tempting to see the new projects that I suddenly embark upon as diversions from my other projects — and my other projects are also great projects! things I want to work on! things that are important to me!

I frustrate myself.

But let’s come back to today. Today is a day for giving thanks, for recognizing the things that are good in life, that perhaps we take for granted. I’m thankful for my health; for my family and the fact that I love them and they me and that we get along and take care of each other; for the friends I’ve made and the connections I’ve found with individuals and communities; for the often-maddening but still amazing society in which we live.

This is a bit more gooey than I like to get on this site. However, it’s all true. I thank you for reading.

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  1. Must get that recipe for Bourbon Pecan Pie — yum!
    I myself made Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie with Cornmeal Crust. I’ve been making it for years for Thanksgiving at my in-laws, and so was excited to make it at my parents’ house for my own family. Alas, I did not receive the rave reviews I was expecting. My dad said, “Feels like there are little rocks in my pie.” My sister agreed. Turned out that the cornmeal I’d purchased from a gourmet store was a little too organic, i.e., not processed enough. The grains were too big. Guess my mom will NOT be adopting that recipe as the new tradition. But honestly, if made with Quaker cornmeal, it’s delicious!

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