Month Impossible: Day Twenty

I had scheduled a meeting with a client tonight. I’ve always been open to night meetings, especially since small business owners sometimes have day jobs or other commitments that make it hard to meet during work hours. As I was driving to the meeting, the client called to cancel — feeling sick, not able to meet and definitely not wanting to spread contagion.

I thought, Cool, I can catch up on some novel writing and drawing and working. Came home and fixed dinner, gradually unwound a little, and realized that a night without obligations would have benefits.

So: No DrawMo and no NaNoWriMo. I’d already posted today a couple of times, so I’m still current with the NaBloPoMo challenge, but if I could I’d skip that too. I hereby allow myself to relax for several hours!

Secretly though, I’ve got an ace in the pocket for my challenges. I’m going to keep it secret for a few days, in the deluded hope that not stating it publicly will force me to stay a little on course. Ah, the ends I go to, trying to trick my own brain.