You can’t win if you don’t play


Basketball, originally uploaded by ryan_fung.

Sportsocracy’s 2008 Pittsburgh Bloggers March Madness Challenge has begun. You may remember that last year I came in 25 out of 26, beating only iJustine and that by a single, lonely point.

Last year I had an absurd but thought-out strategy or choosing teams with which I had connection. That went terribly, horribly awry, so this year I went with a much simpler strategy:

1: Decide which of the top-seeded teams I randomly might think could win. Write those into the Final Four slots.

2: Pick a team to win it all.

3: Go back to the early rounds and fill in the Final Four winners as needed.

4: Through the rest of the brackets and rounds, randomly choose winners, with no rhyme or reason.

This method is about half a step up from the coin flip method. It’s high risk, but since there’s little chance that any expert would pick the same results if it does pay off it should be big. Or at least, it should be funny.

This year I’m also playing in the Third Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge, which involved (wait for it…) picks only in the final four rounds. I had the opportunity to choose either to use the same picks as in the bloggers challenge or choose an alternative strategy. Having no alternative strategy in mind, I kept the same picks.

All of this means that there is just one team I really care about for the duration: Georgetown. Go Hoyas!

(Hoyas is what you call Georgetown, right? Did I mention I know nothing about college basketball?)