I always end up biting


You know the classic Tootsie-Pop commercial (“A-one, a-two-hoo!, a-three, CRUNCH”). I learned today that this is known as the “Mr. Owl” version, and it’s the short version of a 60-second commercial.

The video above is the full commercial.

Some notes:

  • That little boy looked all over the forest for someone to answer his
    question. Also, apparently the forest he looked in was “The Freaky-voiced Animal Forest,” because those are some almost-creepy-sounding
    critters he talked to.

  • We’ve played this video a bunch of times today in the Big Big Design office, and Anthony cracks up every time Mr. Cow says “Yeeees?”
  • Mr. Cow? Not Mrs. Cow or Ms. Cow?
  • The long version doesn’t include the shot of the unhappy boy’s face looking at the stick of the eaten Tootsie-Pop. I miss that.

The blurb on YouTube says this commercial was originally aired in 1969 and that it may be the longest-running TV commercial. It’s certainly among the most memorable.

Related: If you have a darker sense of humor, you may enjoy this parody of the Tootsie-Pop commercial as well. I abhor violence, but I’m kind of with the kid on this.

5 replies on “I always end up biting”

  1. Our little guy (age 5) is fascinated by this commercial, and was determined to find out the true answer. So we had to listen to him in the back seat of the car, counting out one…two…three…all the way to 1,115, which was when he hit Tootsie Roll goodness.

    And before anyone gets the idea that listening to this was cute, let me assure you that listening to a 5-year-old count to 1,115 — especially when his concentration wanes in the 700’s, and you have to keep telling him where he left off or else he freaks out — is pretty awful.

    Still though, give him credit. The kid can count to 1,115 with just a little bit of guidance.

  2. I am very sure that I would not count up to 1,115, especially while consuming a lollypop. That is one very focused boy you have there. Impressive. Maybe a little freaky too, in a good way.

    What was his approach? Did he concentrate all the licking in one area, which would be the most direct route to the Tootsie Roll center? Or did he spread the licks all over the surface, so as to wear the shell down evenly all around?

  3. I do not accept Bob’s data. We can’t rely on a 5 year old for consistent licks.

    Also, did he lick all around and erode the sphere evenly or did he plane away (at a point / along a straight path)? For which is the question in the commercial asking? Does the closing scene of the array of eroding pops set a precedent? (I’ll guess Bob’s boy went all around for it seems there are shorter paths than 1115.)

    P.S. When I was a little kid, Cindy never had to listen to me count. I just inquired trivial things to death.

  4. I also didn’t bother to listen to her questions or comments very well… sorry.

  5. I didn’t supervise the licking, since he was in the back seat and I was in the front. I don’t think the licks were consistent, though. Some were more of a suck.

    And I think we can all agree that a combination of…oh, nevermind, I’m headed down a bad path here.

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