One week and counting — best Steelers song round-up

Super Bowl Sunday comes in just one week, and all of Steeler Nation seems to be searching for “The. Best. Steelers. Song. Ever.

If you are among these searchers and have thusly arrived here at My Brilliant Mistakes, here are a few key links to help you on your quest:

Bob Braughler at Masters of Gilligan/Subdivided We Stand links to Mr. Devious’s “Puhlahmalu” — updated for 2009 with references to Mike Tomlin and current players — and to the above updated “Renegade” video.

(“Renegade” is, by far, my favorite song to hear in a sports stadium. I love it even without the sports connection, actually. But I think it is the most crowd-energizing anthem out there.)

Bob also links to a video of the crew on the International Space Station representing Steeler Nation from space.

Pre-teen band The Pop Rocks reworks Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker” with Steelers lyrics. And they’re from Butler! Find details about them in the Post-Gazette. (Thanks to my friend India Amos for cluing me in on this.)

The blog Hail to Pitt provides a comprehensive listing of all the classic Steelers fight songs, and has warm words for the new Pop Rocks creation as well.

And if none of those is quite raunchy enough for your tasts, local force-of-nature Mindbling and her crew deliver a new and nasty fight song, one that I feel sure was the final boost the team needed to triumph over the Ravens: “No Sleep ’til Tampa.”

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  1. Technicall, they’re from Harmony, which is a smaller town a little southwest of the city of Butler. But it’s in Butler County, so I think it counts.

    Also, I’ve been playing Guitar Hero 3 and 4, so I’ve had a lot of Pat Benatar on the brain. It’s like a have a classic rock station in my skull. I look forward to singing the Steelers lyrics next time I play though.

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