Cruel shoes

Cruel shoes

Pretty shoes, yes?

Unfortunately, they are the cruel shoes.

The heels aren’t high, and because they’re wedges they are quite stable to walk on. But that pretty, shiny leather is quite sharp, as I discovered when I foolishly wore the shoes. I walked a single block, from car to theater door. By the time I reached my seat, toes were bleeding on both feet.

I found that if I walked very, very slowly, I could reduce the friction of the shoes on my tender skin, and thereby move without wincing. I still took the shoes off for the walk back to the car.

And yet I can’t bear to throw them away.

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  1. I wonder if you could use a pumice stone to soften the thong edges. Or maybe if you wear them with socks for a few days they’ll soften up enough to wear. Otherwise, I’d take them back. That’s ridiculous.

  2. @Susan: The photo doesn’t do them justice even. The finish on the leather is like an iridescent glaze, a little metallic and a little pearly. Also, the wedge heels are wrapped in leather with pretty stitching on the seam.

    @christy: With the thong toe I don’t think I can get socks under them, but the pumice idea is a great one. Also, I think what you meant to say was “Your affection for these shoes you can’t wear is ridiculous.” Which is completely true.

  3. Netflix has a British TV program called “The IT Crowd” about an Information Technology department for an English corporation (it is available on DVD and on their streaming feed to your computer or ROKU box). It is pretty broad humor that doesn’t require much familiarity with computers. I’ve watched the first two episodes, and the second included a pretty funny bit about the female IT manager’s obsession with a particular pair of shoes that were too small.

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