We are all about pretty hats

Rachel in her flamingo hat, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

This year is flying by all a-blur. It seems only a few days ago that I took my niece to see the Laurie Berkner Band at Heinz Hall — but that was over a month ago, and I’m suddenly realizing that I see my dear niece only every few weeks, and my wee little nephew even less often, and actually when was the last time I sat down with friends and just hung out and chatted a while?

Well, tonight, to answer that last question, at least for a few friends. And last week I caught up with a few others, and the week before with yet others. Still, it feels like the days are whizzing by, and it’s all I can do to keep things together and at the same time maintain the barest awareness of how things are going for the folks I care about.

But doesn’t Rachel look spiffy in her flamingo hat?