David Foster Wallace parody competition

DFW Parody Competition Finalists.

An excerpt from my favorite entry:
The Y-shaped Styles of Certain Flowers

So. There are two people on a date and they’re eating dinner, and the guy is telling this long involved story about another guy who was having some difficulties and was diagnosed as having some sort of quote-unquote syndrome, some long german word, meaning extreme psychic pain and existential angst which could only be cured by becoming a rock star or a religious zealot. Meanwhile the woman’s thinking about all the things she could be doing, like working out on the stairmaster and reading Time, or going to Brookstone and playing with the Max massager, and there is some embarrassed dialog in her head vis-a-vis wanting the Max but not wanting people to see it in her house and also not wanting it near her genitals as it is not that kind of massager. And also Mogu.

(Link via Cup of Chicha.)

All Things Hodgman

I recently came across this interview with John Hodgman for Media Bistro.

I’m a big fan of Hodgman. He went to school in the Boston area (as I did, although not at the same school and with only perhaps a year overlap, time-wise). He writes really funny yet introspective stuff. He appears frequently on This American Life. He is the host of the Little Gray Book Lecture Series in NYC.

And if you’re not familiar with John Hodgman, here are a few more links to help you get acquainted.

You can find Real Audio of his This American Life segments on the website. Do a search for his name to get a list, and enjoy this expression from his piece on being Bruce Campbell’s literary agent: “It was time to bring the Pope over to cat-sit.”

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Upcoming Event: Gist Street Reading Series, Feb 14

From the mailing list announcement from Sherrie Flick:
“The February Gist Street is on SATURDAY, February 14th. That’s right–a Valentine’s Gist. Come with your honey, come stag–but please do come to hear Anthony McCann and Matt Rohrer read their poetry.

“Both in from Brooklyn for the occasion, these guys have promised love poems and other poems–love, angst, ennui. How could you pass that up?

“Anthony’s first book, Father of Noise out with Fence Press has been getting praises far and wide. Matt Rohrer, co-founder of Fence Press and author of Satellite (Verse Press) is, in fact, one of the best things since sliced bread. Looking for a romantic gesture? There will
be books for sale.

“There will be (unsliced) homemade bread and ice cream, and several heart shaped cakes and cookies. Please do bring your choice ‘food of love’ to the festivities. BYOB. Socializing begins at 7:30. Readings begin at 8:00. Please COME EARLY if you’d like a seat. Raffle. Friendliness. Acceptance.

“305 Gist Street, James Simon’s Sculpture studio, Uptown–Pittsburgh. 412-434-5629 if you’re lost. $3 suggested donation also gets you in on the raffle. www.giststreet.org

Fan fiction promotes writing skills in children

An article in Technology Review, “Why Heather Can Write,” looks at the fan fiction communities that have sprung up around the Harry Potter books and their influence on children’s creativity and literacy.

From the article:
“Like many of the other young writers, Agonistes says that Rowling’s books provide her with a helpful creative scaffolding:

It’s a new day, a new site

I’ve decided to take a new tack in blogging — more original writing, more personal observations, less of an emphasis on small business news. (Not that I was executing on the small business news & recommendations as planned anyway….)

The old name didn’t seem appropriate for this new direction … which makes it a perfect excuse to create a new name/brand. And with that, I’m starting this new blog.

If I can figure how to export the material from the old database and put it in this one, I’ll consolidate; for now, to see the witty observations I made in the past you’ll need to go here. (There’s a link in the menu at the bottom of the page too, for future reference.)

And now, on with the show!