Cocktail time in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood

On a day when things just aren’t going right, when every small step morphs into a major climb, when the sky is gloomy and dark, on such a day it can seem like what one needs is someone like Mr. Fred Rogers — someone kind and gentle who will say, “You are special. You are […]

Mixology Monday: Spice — Cranberry Spice Sidecar

This month, Mixology Monday is hosted by Craig of Tiki Drink & Indigo Firmaments. The theme this time around is Spice. I use spices and herbs often in cocktails, so this theme gave me a chance to explore variations in my favorite recipes. My first thought was a cranberry variation on the Blackberry Gin Daisy […]

Goodbye, and cheers

I’m saddened that PittGirl has closed up the Burgh Blog for several reasons, but the one that will linger longest is an unresolved issue: the creation of a Zima replacement. As her readers know, PittGirl is/was a big-time fan of Zima, and Zima has recently been discontinued. Friendly mixologist that I am, I offered to […]

MxMo XXXII: Guilty Pleasures — Lynchburg Lemonade

It’s Mixology Monday again, hosted this time by my Gold Coast buddy Stevi Deter. Our theme this month is “Guilty Pleasures.” It’s tempting in these neo-Puritanical times to list all alcoholic beverages under such a category, but Stevi has something particular in mind: …in the world of cocktail bloggery, we are often pronouncing certain drinks, […]

Mixology Monday: Local Flavor

The theme for this month’s Mixology Monday is Local Flavor. Our host is Kevin of Save the Drinkers, and while I don’t despise globalization as he does, I echo his affection for local flavors and specialties. Living here in western Pennsylvania, particularly in summertime, I’m lucky to have delightful, fresh ingredients right at hand. Corn […]

Mixology Monday: New Orleans

Pat O’Brien’s Courtyard, originally uploaded by Gary J. Wood July’s Mixology Monday was postponed a couple of times, first to coincide with the Tales of the Cocktail conference in New Orleans — which city is the theme for this month — and then to coincide a little less, so that those who attended the conference […]