The beginner conundrum

Truth from Ira Glass — on storytelling, but also on every creative discipline, and maybe on life itself. I learn this again every day, on every skill or practice area that I embark to learn and practice. Please, join me in the awful feeling that we don’t meet up to own our aesthetic. Eventually, we […]

You think we need one more? You think we need one more. OK, we’ll get one more.

The 2001 remake of Ocean’s Eleven is one of my guilty pleasure movies — pretty to look at, full of quotable lines, underpinned by a plot that, though full of holes, is witty and twisty. Plus the clothes! George Clooney’s suits, Brad Pitt’s pointed collars, Elliot Gould’s blinged out chains and florid, floral shirts…. Delightful. […]

Tucked away

By my bedroom door, there’s a big porcelain cat that my parents gave me years ago. I’ve blogged about it before. Next to it, there’s a stack of framed diplomas. They’re my diplomas. I’m quite proud of the degrees they represent. It was hard to get into MIT and into the graduate school program I attended, […]

Writing (or Any Creative Activity) and the Fear of Being Less Than Amazing

If you’ve spent most of your life cruising ahead on natural ability, doing what came easily and quickly, every word you write becomes a test of just how much ability you have, every article a referendum on how good a writer you are. As long as you have not written that article, that speech, that […]

Crazy cozy

Max is a cat of extremes. One minute he’s running around the room chasing a fly; the next he’s slinking under the bed, scared by the sight of someone outside the window. Some days he naps on the very top platform of the cat tree, but today he’s decided to curl up in a box […]