You think we need one more? You think we need one more. OK, we’ll get one more.

The 2001 remake of Ocean’s Eleven is one of my guilty pleasure movies — pretty to look at, full of quotable lines, underpinned by a plot that, though full of holes, is witty and twisty. Plus the clothes! George Clooney’s suits, Brad Pitt’s pointed collars, Elliot Gould’s blinged out chains and florid, floral shirts…. Delightful.

It also has a terrific soundtrack album, with classic tunes and electro-jazzy backgrounds. It’s perfect music to work to, and it’s punctuated with someĀ of those quotable lines from the film. It’s my go-to playlist when I’m on a deadline, and I recommend it highly.


NOTE: As much as I enjoy the 2001 remake, I dislikeĀ the original Ocean’s Eleven. It’s not that Frank Sinatra and the rest of the cast do a bad job. It’s that the story is so ridiculously ridiculous. I don’t just not recommend it; I urge you to avoid it at all costs.