“What is it like in your funny little brains. It must be so boring.”

If you’re reading this tonight, Sunday night October 24, you still have time to get to your TV and set your DVR for this show: Sherlock on PBS. Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock (trailer) And if you are reading this Monday or later and missed it, you can catch one of the many repeats. Which you’ll want […]

I feel animated, even a little mad

I’ve received many compliments on my new Twitter avatar. These compliments are nice, and yet I feel like I’m cheating in accepting them because the avatar took no creativity on my part whatsoever. In fact, you can have a very similar avatar (or iPhone background or Facebook picture or desktop background) in a few minutes. […]

Faster than a rolling O. Stronger than silent E. Able to leap capital T in a single bound. It’s a word! It’s a plan! It’s Letterman!

I was talking with my friend Barry about the cartoons on TV today — Thomas the Tank Engine, Max and Ruby, and the dreaded Dora. Barry wondered where the morals of the stories were. What lessons were they teaching? I said that we grew up on Bugs Bunny, and there were no morals there. Very […]

Love, love is a verb / Love is a doing word

Massive Attack – New Music – More Music Videos I enjoy the TV show House, largely because I like watching Hugh Laurie. One of the small but pure joys of watching the show is watching the opening credits — or rather, listening to them. The music used in the credits comes from the song “Teardrop” […]

Feel the burn

I spoke too soon when I said that AMC was the only cable network I needed. I forgot the USA Network. Burn Notice, my favorite television guilty pleasure, returns Thursday for its second season. Burn Notice combines the spy techniques and intra-agency backstabbing of the Jason Bourne movies with MacGuyver do-it-yourself surveillance tips, then it […]