Give all the toys to the little rich boys

I’ve never been great at gift giving.* Some years back, one of my sisters read a book, The Five Love Languages, which boiled down the ways people like to give and receive love into five “languages.” A person tends to be able to perceive love through one of these styles, and to give via one […]

Kooky Christmas #13: “Must Be Santa” by Bob Dylan

Today on Kooky Christmas, we learn that we must be careful what we wish for. #13: “Must Be Santa” by Bob Dylan Just yesterday, I was thinking that I didn’t know any new Christmas album released this year by artists that I like. More of my favorite bands should make holiday albums, I thought. And […]

Kooky Christmas #15 (take two): “Christmas Island” by The Dinning Sisters & Bob Atcher

Hawaiian Christmas, originally uploaded by coconut wireless. Let’s try this again. At #15 on our Kooky Christmas Countdown, we take a trip to the islands, for a holiday in a tropical paradise. “Christmas Island” by The Dinning Sisters & Bob Atcher Aloha! Grab your ukelele. I’ll bring the pina coladas. Meet me on the beach […]

Kooky Christmas #18 & 17: “Indian Giver” & “Gift of the Magi” by Squirrel Nut Zippers

Squirrel Nut Zippers had a big hit years back, “Put a Lid On It,” and I’ve been a fan ever since. In 1998 they put out a Christmas album that’s like no other: Christmas Caravan. It’s a crazy, hot jazz album with some slow and sweet bits threaded through (and an eerie final track that […]

Kooky Christmas: #19, “Bizarre Christmas Incident” by Ben Folds

We turn now to the seedier side of our Kooky Christmas (if philandering Santas weren’t seedy enough for you). Now Santa has turned to robbery, and the results are unpleasant for everyone involved. Number 19: “Bizarre Christmas Incident” by Ben Folds This song comes to us from Maybe This Christmas, a compilation of alternative artists […]

Kooky Christmas? Caca Christmas

The Caganer, a Christmas tradition from Catalan — a tradition I almost cannot believe is real — is explained by Stephen Fry on QI: Don’t believe it? Here is a photo gallery of Caganers for 2008. (Many thanks to I Let My Fists Do the Talkin’ for highlighting this delightful bit of video, as well […]