Michael Sheen on Speakeasy

I watch a select few series on YouTube: There’s a world of interesting stuff, but only so many hours in a lifetime, and one must choose carefully.

One series that I adore and watch without fail as soon as each new episode is posted is Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins. These are interviews, over drinks, by actor/comedian Tompkins with a range of people — mostly actors but also comedians, writers, and performers of many kinds. There are thoughtful and funny interviews, never confrontational but always having some unexpected element.

Many of the interviews I’ve enjoyed most were with actors I didn’t know at all, people who have played roles in series that I don’t watch, for example. This week’s interview is with Michael Sheen, who played David Frost in the play and then film adaptation of Frost/Nixon, Tony Blair in The Queen, and a variety of other roles on stage, on TV, and in film (Twilight, Tron, Midnight in Paris). He currently has the lead role of William H. Masters in Showtime’s Masters of Sex. These are big roles, and I’ve never seen a single one them.

But this interview is delightful not for the behind the scenes views of these roles, but because Michael Sheen turns out to be a brilliant storyteller of his own experiences, which are themselves funny (or sound so when he recounts them). I could watch him be interviewed all day.

Watch on YouTube here.

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